Saturday, July 11, 2015

Does more time at work improve productivity?

A rarity nowadays and I hope it remains a rarity, I was leaving office at 20:30 and I see this guy aimlessly looking into his laptop. Knowing him professionally, a person who didn't think much about pro-activeness; I was surprised to see him around at this time

"What're you doing at this time?", I asked surprised & worried if my watch was 3 hours behind

"Just sitting around", he replied. I had to admit, after all, he was an honest chap

"But why?", I blurted out, still dying of curiosity

"I don't have enough hours for this week, as per the new HR policy. I'll leave in an hour"

That made complete sense... totally... I nodded in agreement and bid him goodbye

I'm pretty certain, it doesn't come as a surprise to most of you in the software industry

Management observed that not all employees were working 'hard enough' as their in-time was pretty low, so it was suggested that a mandatory rule of minimum hours be clocked-in and presto it got implemented

So now, we have this lot of 'hardly working' employees who have suddenly become productive just because they clock in more hours! Awesome isn't it?

This knee jerk reaction is more like shoving the unproductiveness under the carpet assuming if people stick around office premises, their productivity improves. Rather what should be done is to discuss with their managers and ensure those employees are allocated enough work

As the saying goes - Tell me what you measure and I will tell you how I behave - now most of the employees are looking at time-clocked rather than results, as a measure of productivity

We need to understand, Knowledge Industry unlike Process industry need different methods to improve productivity

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