Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Faking Empathy

I was walking around the office cubicles looking for a team member, when the Manager of the team spotted me. He reckoned I was looking for someone and the friendly person that he is, asked me if he could help me

"I'm looking for Karthik"

"He sits here", he said pointing to an empty cubicle

"I shall call him" he generously offered

"No that's ok, I shall ping him when he's back", I said

He looked around and spotted Karthik in the breakout area; having coffee with his friends

"He's only on a break, I'll call him", saying he called Karthik's number

"Where are you, Karthik? Krishna is here to see you

I was mildly surprised, why he had to ask that question, when he knew where he was 

"I'm on a break, just here in the breakout area" Karthik said

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you were on a break, can you come once you are done? No hurry"

I watched this scene unfold. Would Karthik have any respect for his Manager, if he knew, the concern on disturbing him on a break was faked?

Although we think we can fake empathy, it is only a matter of time, our team members see through it! As always, Honesty is the best policy

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